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It was the day we met, the day she died. She seemed perfect in

all ways. Her influences seemed to have its heart in the right

place. And then i felt happy she couldn’t see .Because seeing is

believing and I believe we wouldn’t have met otherwise.

I am what you call ugly, and i don’t implore you to see

otherwise. What’s  the point. But then i was forced to see things

in a new light ,one day. The day we met.

She splashed across the drain under the water clogged

streets. It was july. Laughing and looking up at the smoggy ,

grey skies. She turned to face me and i realised she couldn’t

see. she didn’t  recoil. not once

She faced the black with a smile. She came forward and tried to

touch my face. I stopped her. I tried to let go but couldn’t

.There was too much electricity.

Caustic drops splattered around us in the by-lanes of Thane

district. Nothing felt more royal. It was like velvet. the moment

between us. Her face was suddenly exotic. Like a princess waking

up to fresh flowers.

I felt ashamed of myself. Every moment with her reminded me of

what i was. I grew smaller by the moment. Until i was so

miniscule i couldn’t bear it. I let go. I wanted her to run with

me. I wanted to take care of her. Rediscover our world .

The whistle besides my ear deafened me , as i woke up to

shattering windows and mortar around me. They had come .the

cops. To hunt me down. The last of my gang. The last of my kind.

I make a dash for it. I promise her a return under my

breath. She seemed to have  heard  it because she smiles .Do i see a

nod! I think i do.

I run and two more appear in front. They open their

barrels. Screams explode. As does my left arm. I fall down while

trying to keep myself up. and i see nothing. I couldn’t see

her. Is this what they call blindness. I don’t really want to

know. And then i spot her. Floating above the very drain she

leaped over, to reach me. A trail of red took her away. Her eyes closed.

They place a gun in my hand.I don’t resist

They charge me with a  fresh count of murder . I don’t deny.

Death sentence is all they can provide. I accept

The only thing i do is remember , the promise I made .In my own ,very

first, velvet moment.